Bio: Opinion d'artiste : Polyglotte, artiste et traductrice, je suis passionnée de cultures et de langues. J’aime explorer, découvrir et apprendre davantage sur notre merveilleux monde. Je crois sincèrement que l’apprentissage ne se fait pas seulement sur un banc d’école, mais bel et bien sur le terrain en essayant d’être autodidacte. C’est une leçon de vie bien plus utile et plus gratifiante ! BohoChic Artista: Right here, on my blog, I jot down some of my thoughts, and it might be related to a variety of topics... Since I have so many interests and, most of the time, I miss time to dive more profoundly into each, I have the tendency to touch only on the surface anything. I am a polyglot, translator and artist passionate about cultures, languages. I love to explore, discover our world and learn more. I truly believe learning is not only on a bench at school, rather that the less you sit down at school and try to learn by yourself brings you greater happiness and knowledge useful through a lifetime!

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