For the past few days, I decided to go visit my family. There is nothing more refreshing than leaving town and taking breakfast at the mountains’ scenery. Even though it was quite a quick tour, and many kilometers to drive, I find it was worthwhile. It allowed me to change air, recharge my spiritual batteries,…Read more Roadtrip


I’m Alive

Some of you may think I have forgotten to talk some more over the blog. Unfortunately, I was hit in a car crash two weeks ago. Hence, I did not have much time to come online and jot down some thoughts. Nor did I have the energy to do so. The worst is now behind.…Read more I’m Alive

Have We Lost Common Sense?

This week, I decided to ride to the library and enjoy the sun. However, on the road I had to get on busy boulevards, almost ride in the opposite direction of cars in order to get onto the biking trail. Only then, though, there were several pedestrians walking within the biking rail when the sidewalk…Read more Have We Lost Common Sense?