Under the Covers

I have spent most of my day under the covers. I am not sick. Simply I had nowhere to attend, nothing urgent on a list, and I could actually take some time for my own self. It feels good to sometimes stay in pjs for a day, just to cool down and relax. I realized over…Read more Under the Covers


Time Flies By!

In three months from now, my Camino will really be in the move. Right now, I am more into the preparation phase. I hope to accomplish all that is mostly important in my eyes before getting to the airport. There are still some details to be taken care of. But mostly, my decluttering should get…Read more Time Flies By!

Decount: 11 Months To Go

As I have mentioned previously in my blog, I am on my way to make in less than a year the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Last year, I thought I would have done it this Summer 2014. Obviously, I did not go during my vacations this time. There were several personal restraints which probably…Read more Decount: 11 Months To Go