Colour Palette

This morning, I took time to watch the colours in the sky. It is a Fall colour palette now. Most of the leaves have fallen down. It is a windy/rainy day. Just like what to expect during this time of the year. I was amazed by all the shades of blue and grey that were…Read more Colour Palette


2016 Full Throttle

We are already in the second week of January, and yet we are almost in the middle of the month. I am grateful for the wonderful time I spent with my loved ones during the Holidays. And I feel more eager to push one notch further and embrace life, own it also. Life is so…Read more 2016 Full Throttle

Day of Beauty

This past Saturday, there was a special event at my parish, which was called Day of Beauty. I am happy of the response we received from the parishioners. During the whole afternoon, there were people coming in and going. Several did take part of the exhibition, and others could connect with the artists on the…Read more Day of Beauty