Brand New Year

It may be a new year, yet I do not feel as if I have brand new energy. I do have some. Just not a full recharge. And here we go again. I will keep doing, even though I did cut any excess from my agenda. And I am glad I did. I may feel tired, but it does not mean I have no life. I intend to live it bright-fully, doing what I most desire. There are lows and highs, just like my energy level, but mostly I am on a path, my path, my life, and I slowly and surely reach my objectives. I do follow what my heart tells me. I do the urgent, and important, but I stick to the essential. If it is a too far stretch, I let it go (After all, I do not recall myself being a gymnast.) I only wish this brand new year comes full of hope, joy, peace and health and that the world I live in is inclined to a better view. Let’s hope it’s a good one, as the saying goes…


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