buildings-city-clock-297836As I am returning to home this evening, all I am able to see is what needs my attention. Food to cook, notes to sort-out, languages to practice and learn, laundry to fold, budgeting… There are a few too many projects on the agenda. Am I feeling tired? Definitely. Especially after a work day, when it is already pitch dark outside, and it got definitely below seasonal temperatures. I will feel guilty for not doing enough, and yet, the other part of me will be acting like a child… making a scene for not having enough downtime, aka play time. Both sides are to be agreed to. It is hard to decide what to pick next on that to-do list, especially when we feel demoralized. It probably comes down to a dishearten lifestyle somehow. A lifestyle where unfortunately we do not feel like we have a true owning on it. The air changed. It got briskly cold outdoor. Indoor, it is either overheated or underheated. My hair seems to not like that change, nor do my  skin and lips. Feeling tired doesn’t help in the math. Hence, I try to stay positive in the midst of all. It is not always easy, yet I do my best to feel a little better in the end. I do my best, with what I have at the moment. What else can I do? I am no magician. Only a simple human who tries to keep a low agenda. That’s enough.


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