No. No More

Over the last week, way too many election faces were posted all over the province. With the already over-the-top street signs as well as the overboard detours, citizens are no longer able to go out without some indecent waste of money thrown in their faces. I still cannot comprehend how we can waste such money on futility on top of not helping out the environment! And then, we should behave eco-friendly… None of the big fishes do so. I do not think it is realistic to be condemned by our government for the environmental issues while they keep on wasting time, energy and resources for not so much welcomed finished projects without mentioning the efficiency of these. They are the ones not behaving properly. Enough of all this. This election saga should be condemned for troubling people’s time and budget. Politics should truly be a thoughtful corpus to enhance and make society a better one. When is it going to be? I wonder.


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