Time Change

Yesterday, there was the time changing from Summer Time to Winter Time… It’s how I name it, especially since now the day starts about the same time I wake up, yet it will definitely be dark by 5pm from now on… until Christmas. We have to wait for mid-January to see more light. That is part of living in Northern Hemisphere.

Otherwise, I don’t like mentioning politics, yet this was the thing to do yesterday: voting. For what? No change at all. Just like some rules and regulations invented by some fearful people ‘representing society’, or more likely thinking on their behalf, it gets more silly each and every year. It is not because their is some law mentioning something that it means we have to buy it all without even acknowledging it. Many people think some added rules or street signs might increase safety… Let’s be clear, there has always been some accident, and those who cross the street watching their phones and then screaming or looking at drivers with a hard look have no right to say a thing. They are more dangerous than anything, and drivers would be at fault if it ever happened to get a pedestrian… Especially when this pedestrian was literally at fault and not watching where one was going.

Some laws should be reexamined and not be based on the stupid acts of people, but simply be going to ease flow. Flow in traffic, flow in civility and all that. Rules to ameliorate everyone’s quality of life and time, not to deteriorate it to the point of the way too innocent.


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