Thoughts at Lunchtime

These days seem to pass quite fast. I feel like I have not much time, yet no one is truly expecting some projects to be done for a certain time frame period. Anyhow, I have started a few little projects back home, and I would really like to see them finished soon. I feel looking at them unfinished does not really help me out by the end of the day, when I come back from work. It is bugging me and somehow draining my energy. I know many decide to not do much once out-of-clock at work. It is a personal choice, where finding balance can at some moments be a little hard. Nonetheless, I know crafting is fun for me and I will appreciate the result. In the mean time, I have to keep it down  and not feel demoralized. It is normal that things take time. They do not come over in a flash.


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