A Day in Canada

It seems odd to know a week ago, I almost had to book in advance for a camping spot while we all know around here the weather is somewhat very changing. I found it awkward to be looked at with big eyes getting almost out from their orbits when I arrive unexpectedly at a camping ground with no reservation. Come on, where has our sense of living wildly gone so off from what all the world envies us from?

I find it very strange to be living in a country where nature is so easily accessible and yet, I find people going to their religion area: shopping malls. We are living in such a beautiful country and it is painful to see almost everyone living as a robot to spend more on useless stuff with overrated prices. I even find camping and outdoor gear quite expensive. We are living in one of the greatest countries to go outdoor most of the time doing many sports, and yet the price for these gear is quite too elevated…

Before, no one used to need any special active wear and we were all going along with or without  particular gear. And it was fun. Everyone was active, whether you were a beginner or almost at an athlete level. Now, it seems our society must work out in top-notch gear and be super hyper sporty, or the complete opposite, the super fat/skinny type not doing any kind of exercise.

Where has the normal gone? In this globalisation, where has the uniqueness and colourful part of us that make us who we truly are have gone? I find it hard to acknowledge we are sharing the same values and be a united country when we see all kinds of division in the news. I hope this Canada Day will open the minds of some great leaders and make something good out of this situation we are in.


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