Heat Wave

This weekend, it feels quite hot. Yet, I will not complain too much. I know my country’s weather is quite diverse,  just like the rest. Speaking of country, it’s been three months now that I got back in my home country. When I look back, I realize I settle quite well in a short period of time! I am still impressed with all I have done and achieved. This morning, I decided to take it slow, because I am not needed anywhere nor do I have obligations to meet. It feels good to relax in the hammock at home while sipping coffee and reading a chapter of a good story book. Otherwise, my life would look a little like a race. Fortunately, I have learned early in adulthood to set my priorities and take proper care of myself before doing other things and helping out others. I may be looked at as a selfish person, but I know deep down I do the right choice. I take a deep breath on some more ‘difficult’ days, and make it through. In the end, I know if I did not finish all, I did some progress. What counts is to make some progress and try to reach some goals. Not all can be achieved in a single day. After all, Rome was not built in a day! I do what I can to the best of my abilities.


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