In Summer Mindset

I know I haven’t been around here for a while, and it was something I felt I have to come back soon to write down. For several reasons, I did not have the chance to sit down and type an entry here (time, work, life changes, sleep…)

Anyhow, I really felt that today is like the start of the summer. A lovely cool morning to warm up for lunch break and a cool evening to chill out a little in the sun while sipping a lovely iced tea! Hmm! What a wonderful time! I even went to walk around in the neighbourhood after supper.

Now, I am a bit tired and it is quite normal. I still feel somewhat jet-lagged after several weeks, I know I did many things in not so much time since my return to the country, and I want to simply enjoy some time relaxing after work, when not needed elsewhere.

Summer is truly on its way when you keep the windows open at 10pm. I am delighted to still have no curtains; in the morning I awake slowly by natural daylight. And here we are, almost at the peak of daylight we can have around here.


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