A Full Day

After hearing out that many people in our world do actually gulp in all what the media say, I have to acknowledge they will simply live with the consequences of their inactivity/unconsciousness. I believe I have no country to name and blame, yet I know making a judgment about elsewhere can be a bit too much. Anyhow, I had to say it. It is a shame people re-elect people who already proved themselves incompetent in the first place.

Apart from that, I just realized now the day is over, and another one starts. I guess I will take a few more minutes from this new one to simply appreciate my hot chocolate and relax a bit before sleep. I know I could fill every single minute of my week, yet I will allow space in my agenda to appear and allow me to inhale/exhale good breaths of pure life. Even though I could have run today, I decided to slow down. Over all, I realized I might have taken a bit more time, yet I did not have to re-do anything. And when I did those tasks, I was literally present. In the end, I do not feel too tired, over-run like a hamster in its wheel. I look back at my day, and I am glad I made many things. What I did was good. I am proud of myself.


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