Taking Some Time Off

This week, I felt the need to simply be. I had the chance to go to a café with my love to enjoy a good slice of cake while the coffee shop was quiet. It was a good way to start off the weekend. We had the chance to simply appreciate the fullness of our cake slices, chat a little. We could really be in the moment.

However, this morning, my awakening got a bit more rough. Around, there is noise, movement. I feel a bit affected, since I have worked a full week, and now that it is the weekend (my days off), I feel like it is somewhat more difficult to wake up slowly, quietly.

Anyhow, I am still in a transition period in my life. I should not be too affected by small things I cannot control. It only brings me towards a bad vibe / un-relaxing state of mind. I will look elsewhere and find a way to fully appreciate the rest of my weekend.


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