For the past few weeks, I was in an in-between zone. Between two countries. Between packing and setting down for a short time. All this before the next move ahead.

I cannot say I have an overbooked schedule, and yet it feels like time passes quite quickly. I started the day, refreshed after a good night resting, and after putting myself to work unto my mail, paperwork and a resume update, I realized it was already gone. The following day, another thing to tackle: this time, it was resetting up my devices. Then, I could really start looking for work.

Each task needs to be done in a certain order. Otherwise, everything can get mixed up. For sure, there are things we can interchange, but most of the time, things needs to be done with a priority list. Now, I only need to stay focus. I have no clue what is upcoming. All I know is that I am moving forward. In the meantime, I am getting myself prepared for the next step.


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