Today, I finally understood Something: I am a slow-maker. For several days now, l was criticizing myself about my slow rhythm, a not enough fast pace l take. And then I told myself ,” what is the rush? ” My answer was useless. Futile. I have no reason to run after time. After all, we all have the same time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I over press myself, stressing my body for useless things. In the end, if I run, I might have some time, or not. I better be right into the one thing I presently do and only focus on it. Otherwise, I might go nuts. If I slow down, I realize I can breathe and do things in a relaxing way. Even though I don’t like the task, I have a better control on my concentration. And when I am done, the reward is even greater. Doing for doing is not anymore my thing. I might want less, do less, but I mostly desire to live a true fulfilled life, full of authenticity, of presence. I don’t want to make a zillion things at once. It only burns me quickly, and it requires more energy in the end, apart from keeping me away to recharge completely before hitting back the tasks that need my attention. Therefore, I am a slow-maker. I appreciate even more simple things of life. Life is full of presents if we look out carefully. We just need to be conscious enough to acknowledge them.


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