Slowly But Surely

In barely a few days, I will be a month away from moving back home. It is with mixed feelings I am looking at this final line, the one where I am moving things in my life. A lot will happen. Anyways, I have to keep it cool. Otherwise, stressing out will not be a viable option for me. I will do my best to canalize this energy into something good. This is the beginning of a new year. I have to admit it is a little worry person on my shoulder keeping me a little more awake at night. I wish I could mute this little voice and just doze off. I still have so much to do, and yet, I know if I overdo things, I will be exhausted for the next stone mile. Keeping up with my slow move as a turtle is surely a nice way to start making some progress and be slow enough to correct my walking path and yet fast enough to move forward in the new direction of my life. I will keep a positive mind.


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