As the year 2017 is slowly unwrapping itself, I realize I have to be more than ever ready for my next big jump: a new chapter of my life. For this, I need to prepare myself, especially because I prefer knowing the details before involving myself into something. Moreover, by having a planned route with pinpoints, I am more able to visualize where I am going. It is now proved many people use this method to fight unnecessary stress and be ready to acknowledge what is coming forward. In the moment, I am preparing myself calmly to enter this new year as smoothly as possible. In this transition period, the trick is to not let myself drown in my own bad thoughts of fear and negativity. For this, I look out for some helpful guidance. I use podcasts to help me grow and become who I am and what I want to accomplish. These days, I am into listening one particular podcast, AffirmationPod by Josie Ong. For me, it is a good way to start off my day or putting myself into sleep at night. It helps me to stay on my path and focused on my goals. I believe we need to look for ways to help ourselves grow with all methods that exist in the world. There is something that suits each and everyone.


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