Christmas Prep

I am almost over with Christmas decorations.

Yesterday, I did finish up some little crafts. They are simple and yet very sparkling up the place as if there was a party. I am proud of the little things I can accomplish with not much, and most of all, it cost about nothing (almost everything was going to be thrown in the recycling or garbage bins), except some hours of art crafting. At least, it put me in the spirit of Advent.

I am not the one in charge of the Christmas menu for the family dinner, however, I know what are the meals I will contribute to. Simple, already tested and approved and so yummy! The rest of the menu is changed a few times from the first idea that was brought up… I have to leave it as it is, because those who are in charge want something, I would say, too complicate to find and probably way too much effort for what it is suppose to be.

I realize more and more some people pass just beside the point of Christmas. Apart from religion, the one thing about Christmas is not about gifts or making everything perfect, but to be gathered altogether and share some good quality time around our loved ones.


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