Worst Critic

I have realized, more and more, time passes by and sometimes, I feel defeated by my own unresolved, unfinished projects and goals. I am my worst critic. Sadly, I am the one not giving myself the chance to see the positive side of what I overcame or managed to do during the day. I know my to do list is quite long with many little things to do… At least, by writing it down, I know I clear my ‘RAM’ memory. I have to admit I like making lists. It helps me to see through all what I need to do or that I wish to do. I want to do more than what I truly achieve. Am I an overachiever? Probably. I should probably slack a bit more that to do list rope. It is not as easy to do when I have many things I like doing on different aspects, whether it is traveling, doing art crafts, cooking, visiting, playing sports, writing and language learning… I have quite some hobbies and passions. I simply like many many things the world offers me… And sometimes, like these days, it overwhelms me of “clutter.” I should probably work more on a minimalist/sustainable lifestyle which I aim to live.


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