I am on my last miles before Christmas, and I still have plenty on going. I know for many, this time of the year is stressful. I will not say I am not caught up in the midst of it. I am just like many others. Nonetheless, I feel the need to make what I do with my whole. I like to be fully present in activities I do. I might not do as much as I used to do, yet I believe I still do plenty, only that I do less more greatly. I try to keep a balance in between perfection and humility. I am just a human being full of creativity who feels at her best when her talents are used in moderation for a good reason. I hope for all to make whatever they do come through to the result expected. Everyone deserves one’s time to shine and be rewarded at one’s capacity and talents. And so I go on preparing Christmas, by trying to keep it cool and peaceful.


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