I found it a bit restless to be a freelancer and to work with an actual boss at once. Nowadays, with technology, we would be supposed to always be connected, always say yes, right away… I am a little sick about people who believe ASAP means right away. They have forgotten the real meaning behind this expression.

I may sound harsh to some, but before I used to put everything and everyone’s expectations and goals before my very own self. Nowadays, I am not doing this anymore. This person no longer exists. I do not want to simply be a pleaser. I am at a point in my life where I do not tolerate abuse of any kind. I finally manage to first think about myself, take good care of my own self before going towards others. It did not happen overnight. It took quite some time to reeducate my way of being in order to protect myself from evil. I may not answer to all at once, but when I do, I am fully present. I may leave some in the fog, yet I feel much better in my own sun shine way. I choose to be myself freely.


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