What! Summer Almost Over?

I cannot believe a month passed by already since my last post. I did not want to miss a week. However, when working and having some family gatherings here and there, doing house chores, and especially taking some time down to care for myself, I did not manage to come around much. It shows even though we have a plan in mind, not everything goes by as we wish. Anyways, I am happy to share a few thoughts.

This month, I also tried to watch as much as possible the Olympic Games. It was a bit hard for me to follow my maple leaf team, since I am in Europe, and the games were in Rio de Janeiro. With the time zone, the tv channels presenting mostly and only the Blue team, with sports I do not follow in particular, and my work schedule, it was quite a twist to be able to watch some parts. On top of that, what did not help was the bad TV animators on the official TV channels. I can tell you I did not have the chance yet to watch the closure ceremony.

Now the Paralympics are on air; I do not know if I will follow them. It is to say I have a cousin who should have been part of the maple leaf team, but since it is quite complicate to actually be in the top par-athletes for this discipline, I can perfectly see the other side of the medal. The dark side of the medal is quite a topic not always presented, but yet very present:

It is where athletes of all kind, of all nations, have to face up wounds, get up to train on top of working to provide for themselves, be financially deprived of government resources compared to other countries, and lack the chance to actually be part of competitions all around the world in order to get qualified for the Olympics. What we can actually watch on the Olympic Games is just the top of the iceberg. There are plenty of stories about athletes so close from their goal, their dream, to be part of the Olympic Games, and they have to face the fact that they cannot make it. This is the painful part in all what they went through. Those who make it, even though they do not have a medal, know it is already something to be an ambassador of their nation.


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