Wine in Bordeaux!?!

What is a wine fest without wine? Well, the organizers were probably not as much enthusiasts about this, especially since there was a city rule to not have any drunkards on the street… Honestly, I felt a bit surprised and shocked that, for THE Bordeaux Wine, which is THE most reknown in the world and is celebrating it’s 10th Wine Fest Anniversary… I thought there would be more than brochures and food… I was expecting wine kiosks where you show up with tickets in exchange of wine tasting from several wines in the area.

To counterfeit this wine disaster, I went to drink several beers in the bars from the city. I know when we are back home in Quebec, when there is a Beer Fest, we do drink a lot of Beer! They knocked themselves out in this city. They shouldn’t have killed the egg in the nest.


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