Little Things

I feel more alive and worryless now tho wake up at 7am and have the chance to watch the news in order to keep up my languages’s learning. I also woke up early enough to go take my cup of Joe outside, in the sun, listening to the birds’song. I don’t know how to really explain this, but I know it is soothing. To be able to take my time to emerge is a luxury, yet priceless. Since we sleep with the window open, I am woken up by the sounds of the church’s bells at 7am. It is some old habit most have lost, and yet somewhat joyful. The whole community is intertwined. I am also realizing today it’s been three months now that I have arrived in France already. And within the past month, I did many things: travels, find a job, start translating, practice and learn languages, be myself, go to the beach, celebrate, love more… I am happy.


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