Looking on the Bright Side

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to live elsewhere. Although everything seems to be normal, I feel a change is on my way. It is been a couple of days I wake up earlier, and I feel more energized. The summer weather is here, and I can take some time to simply be and appreciate all what is surrounding me. I can say I live in the moment. I do some retrospective and think about the future, indeed, but I try to make most of the present moment. Worrying about things I cannot change or things that have not occurred yet, and might not even happen is a waste of time and energy. Since my head is full of great ideas, I just make a step further every single day, in order to, at some point, reach what I have in mind. I also take time to balance it all, health and leisure time, in order to stay well minded and happy. If I do not set rules for myself, no one else will do it for me. Each thing comes at its own pace, when the need is present. God provides what is truly needed. So am I.


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