Brave New World

This week is a big week. Not only as for a calendar purpose. But also because I have jumped on the other side of the fence. Few people do what I do. Not everyone has the courage nor the mindset and the open-mindedness to cope with falling back on both feet.

I believe I am considered a ‘lucky’ person. But one thing is sure: if I am “lucky”, it is also because I have aligned myself completely with the vibes filling me in with enough energy, courage, determination to push further back limits. If I decide to sit around and do nothing, well, I have to also take that in for consequences of my inactivity. No choice gets to be a choice in the end.

Through the tumult of the last years, I have grown so much. I entered adulthood with such a rich subject to face: life in all its colours and temperance. I might not have been sitting on a bench to study all this, but I sure did learn invaluable lessons through experience.


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