Under the Covers

I have spent most of my day under the covers. I am not sick. Simply I had nowhere to attend, nothing urgent on a list, and I could actually take some time for my own self. It feels good to sometimes stay in pjs for a day, just to cool down and relax. I realized over the last days I did quite some stirring. And simply taking some time off for myself could not be more rewarding.

I noticed around me many people are rushing through things from the moment they wake up until their heads meet the pillow at night. I understand sometimes we have to face the music and just hang in there to meet the ends. However, in order to fully achieve, we must pause once in a while to see where we are situated and how much more we still need to do to reach that goal. Otherwise, we run madly towards a wall. Yikes! This is a hard recovery to handle, especially when all resources are already scattered…

Just to enlighten the mood, I found a nice little YouTube about decluttering. It doesn’t take long of your time and it wraps pretty well my own thoughts on the topic. I also went through this process, but in a different way, since I am not in the same lifestyle as this guy. If it helps you, great! If it doesn’t, my apologies for wasting your time.


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