Will the Stars Align?


I heard from many something good: 2016 is the turning point. And I believe so. After hitting storms and waves, I can now pursue on going forward. Like previously mentioned, the camino was for me a goal for summer 2015. It is now seeing as an exercise of my new chapter in life. What comes next? Good question! I would like to answer this one positively. However, I can only live in the present. The past cannot change. And I have no crystal ball. I simply hope everything falls at its right place at the right time. Up to now, my life has being quite surprising. And I would not want to spoil the fun surprise, especially when it is for greatness. What does 2016 has in store for me? I hope good things are waiting for me on the corner! As simple as it could be. I let myself guided towards what feels being the right direction to take. I look for answers within myself, and it makes me put one step in front of the other. I don’t have magic tricks. I am just human who follows her ‘star.’


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