Just before New Year’s arrival, we received some snow accumulation. It is now been a week  and the roads haven’t all been  removed from snow. If my memory is right, I remember being little and hearing how much snow we would get every 2-3 days and it would be removed within the next 48hrs. Today, I thank God we didn’t receive some more on top of last Tuesday’s, because we are in the very same streets and it looks unchanged. Even with my leaving town for a few days, I came back in the very same decor.

People say the roads are slippery and they are. Again, putting too much salt at the very beginning only creates a worst case scenario when the temperature goes down. For our climate, I believe we are even more stupid than back in the days. There wasn’t as much salt to destroy and we were more able to drive, walk and function with 4-season tires. Now we use any excuse to enforce the law without even making smarter choices. How come does this happen? We have more capabilities than ever and yet, we seem to live life in extreme conditions….

I simply hope to see better measures made and taken in the New Year.


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