Since we were told 4 days ago a storm would hit us today, I was barely flinching to hear about it. Over here, through the years, I found out a “storm” flag was pretty much nothing. I remember not hearing a thing about snow fall nor pellets when I was little. We were simply living through winter weather, no matter what came up. A “storm” is what I would only call snow fall. It might seem heavy to be covered under 25-40 cm, but this used to be every 2-3 days back then. And in my parents’ youth, snow would actually reach the roof of the houses. So, excuse me, but weather announcers should not always used red flag warnings to every thing that arrives… We are not even in a tornado zone, nor a volcanic area. (For these, I would definitely listen more carefully).

Anyways, we may not have had a white Christmas, but snow did show up before the 2016 countdown. Except for Winter sports, snowing or not doesn’t make a real difference in my life. I still prefer snowy days than really cold temperatures. I simply got used to being raised in a Northern Country, one where four seasons make you visit the same areas with new eyes every 3 months.


Enjoy the rest of your Holidays folks!


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