Vortex World or Maybe Not

As I simply take time to be and breathe in and out, I realize I could be doing many many many things. However, going around and in all directions all at once means I cannot go anywhere. I haven’t seen many humans with multiple pairs of arms, legs, nor heads… If they exist, my apologies. But until most of the global population gets to this kind of level, I think this “multitasking” phase of our world is not going anywhere, but is rather stuck at one place. Just like a computer, it gets harder and harder to process all open windows and data switching, and our body was probably built for some multi-functioning, I mean the very essence of our being needs several things to work at once in order for us to function properly. However, we just have one brain, one pair of eyes, one pair of ears, one nose and one mouth. And I believe there was a reason for this. Even if we try to say we can do several things at once, it doesn’t mean we put ourselves totally into all these things/tasks. Therefore, the more I experience life, the more I see why we are switching slowly but surely towards the old-fashion lifestyle. We have pushed ourselves towards greater and more all times. Because we needed it. Before. But now that everything got easier with all this technology, it is not as much a prerequisite to store that much for our selfish homes filled with tons of scrap, since everything or almost anything is accessible 24/7. I realize, the more I stop myself and truly ask myself the basic questions, I do not need much to live. And knowing this is such a huge wow! moment! Less is truly more. If you get this, live it!


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