Am I Spooked?

Not at all. I might have omitted to write on my blog last week, but I preferred not writing any gibberish/trash post. On my spectrum of life, some people around me seem to rush their lives ahead of what they could truly manage… But this is another topic. How could I judge someone? I am not in their shoes. Therefore, I will simply support whatever they decide to do, because a friend can have a say, but will never choose for someone else.

And this is exactly what I am doing right now. I just listen to my inner voice and purge my life from all the unnecessary. I feel lighter in all possible ways. And I feel great! Every day, however small the thing is, I get rid of it especially if it does not help me towards my goals. For the rest, which I have little control over, I simply let it go and make my way through the flow. Slowly but surely, always does the tortoise win.


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