Run Sandra Run?

I am still not sure if it would only be due to weather conditions, but it seems to me days are going fast. Fortunately, I do take the time to work on mono-tasking. Nonetheless, I realize now that I got used to do a lot. And now, I feel like I want to do less to live more.

Some people will always be there to nag you down. Therefore, being nice does not pay much in these circumstances. Since I do voice out what are my needs and desires, I can also use the brake pedal, and decide to shift down speed. Ever since this realization, I feel much better to put myself as important as any other thing on a to-do list. After all, things can be moved around, but people can rarely recover from bad falls. And bad falls did I surmounted very much! For this reason, I know I have pushed my luck quite enough and it is time for me to simply enjoy living free!


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