Embracing Change

As I am having a clear vision of what is coming up in my life and what is actually happening, I have to admit, even though I might still have some insecurities, I feel prompt to face change. I believe it is the time to pursue on my path, my very own life. For quite some time, I was stagnating, but now, since my camino, I am claiming back my very own life. I have never felt so free for a long time.

Thankfully, I had already started a year ago some major shift in mindset and openness. But who knew what I had started, making a clear stop in all to make a check on all aspects of my life, would be so rewarding now? Well, I am very proud and happy of where I come from and what I have passed through. It might have taken me some time to stir up some things, especially since I was just too near the itches to clearly see some nuisances surrounding me on so many levels. Who could think I would still be a nice person despite what I have endured? One sure thing is that I had to be strong. I was probably much stronger than I could have ever thought. And all this on my own…

Fortunately, I am now moving forward, without chains. I have set myself free and I will not get back within any kind of cage. Moreover, I am very lucky to have found someone special to me on whom I will always be able to rely on. I do not need to walk alone anymore. I can simply go towards my goals and make my dreams a reality. I can live happily, because I realize I do not need much in order to simply enjoy life.


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