Busyness Chasing Me!

As we are definitely back in the loop of all busyness, I am trying to keep my focus on what really is important to me. Therefore, whether I find a task or an activity that keeps me away from my personal goal, I put it down for the moment. I have once felt overwhelmed, completely submerged by what was going on in my life. I had no more control over anything. Whatever I was trying to do, it was slipping through my fingers. Since I have learned properly my lesson about this, I am keeping boundaries and preventing myself from shifting towards that downhill path. I have once been down this path, and I will definitely not go back there.

Who am I now? A young lady who knows what she wants, and who knows when and where to say no. Period. If someone has a problem with this, well, I am sorry to tell you this: Either you walk by my side and we both keep each other on track towards what we are aiming to be, or you can jump off the wagon and leave me alone. I do not have any thing to say about this decision-making. What I cannot stand are these people distracting me from my goals and putting me sticks in the wheel. It might sound harsh, but we have to face the truth. Or we help each other, or you get out of my way.


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