Follow Up

As I am now feeling fully integrated to my routine, it seems less scary to tackle bits and parts I did not have the chance to finish prior my vacations, aka my camino experience. I would say, if I can express myself so, the camino was somehow just a practice to my actual life. Of course, I have given myself the time to fully recover to reality before jumping on board of new projects.

Nonetheless, before my camino, I envisioned my future in a certain way. Even though the camino does tweak the perspective and brings me new aspects to look at, I feel completely thrilled by the new challenges that are yet to come. I still have a lot to think about and put into action, but some things and events are getting a script change over and over in my mind already. I might know everything in some ways, but one sure thing is that I cannot foresee my destiny. I might have a glimpse of it, but it is still a fiction to me.

As I was saying, the camino was probably just a starting point of where I aim to be. Not only am I more focused on the goal, I also have a better mindset, a greater self-esteem, and I know what I am capable of. I have proved to myself I can walk over 800 km. Now, a mountain is not as scary as it used to be. Quite the contrary in fact! I might have been not moving much for the past few years due to some circumstances, but now I can say I feel free!


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