Being Happy

I am back into my daily life.

Some things have changed, because change is the only constant we might rely on. Also, it is perfectly normal to grow up.

I have lived a wonderful experience filled with many happy moments on the camino.

More and more, I know what I want and where I aim to be.

I have proved to myself I am able to surmount many things and it made me stronger. If I did not know it before, now I certainly know what I am capable of.

With a clear vision, I am now fully happy and I want it to keep building up.

But wanting happiness is not something you find in store. You actually have to make some big changes and face your very own self, your best and worst critic. You have to acknowledge who you are, what you do and if something bugs you, only you can debug your life. I see many people who put their happiness into stuff rather than valuing people. I also see many people who look at happiness as a goal. Happiness has nothing to be harnessed to. It is simply felt in little things. But most importantly, it is lived in between your ears. Whatever changes occurring in your life, happiness is about perspective.

Whether you decide to see a glass half empty or half full, the choice is only yours.


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