Camino Question 

As I will be journeying on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, I was asked if I would post on my blog, in order for others to follow me and somewhat walk with me. My first answer would have been yes, since I love sharing with others what I encounter, and perhaps it can lift up someone’s spirit to make the next move, get active. However, I have to be realist here. The Camino is for me a time to zoom out, disconnect from my daily tasks, take a break and think about life, renew my energy, my creativity and get in touch with nature and meet new people.

For those who have no clue how it is like to walk the Camino, let me briefly explain to you how a day looks like: A pilgrim wakes up early, sometimes eat a quick breakfast at the albergue, or will wait to find a bar on the way. A pilgrim will usually walk about 20 km a day with ups and downs and heat and rain. A pilgrim will refuel here and there with food and a lot of water. Once arrived at the destination town, a pilgrim only wants to find a place to rest, shower, and eat. There might also be blisters to attend, clothing to wash.

Therefore, if I want to live the real pilgrim’s experience, I have to spend the time I have doing all this and maybe also explore around with the energy I still have left. Since I will walk for 32 consecutive days, I do not want to have to constantly look out for an internet connexion and spend most of what remains of my day online. I will rather journal my days, make some sketches and pictures. Once in a while, I may have some posts published on my blog. About that, I am not making any guarantee though. But once I will be back, I am definitely going to do something about my Camino experience. For now, it is only a sketch.


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