Countdown: Almost to an End

In 19 days exactly, I will take off and travel to Europe to get to my Camino starting point: Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, in France. I am really excited to finally make a big goal of mine, a dream to become true.

Several people are asking me how it is going to be, how long will I walk on the Camino, if I will post on my blog about my journey, whether I am going to paint or play guitar along The Way… So many questions and advices are thrown at me. I understand that eagerness for curiosity and awe. I appreciate it all. They all seem to be great ideas. However, I have to be realistic. I won’t be able to bring my backpack and my guitar neither my painting material if I want to walk between 20-30 km per day. It would be too much. The idea seemed good, but I am not using any material transportation. My objective is to live with my “home” aka my backpack only. This is how I want to experience the Camino.

Also, I realize many are seeing in me a leader. I did not know I had such impact on others, but the more I experience life and encounter new people, the more I get to understand why people look at me with a “privileged” approach. Before, I did not perceive myself as a leader. I have always gone my way, without artifice. I am simply myself, an optimist and open-minded young woman full of ambition, thriving on discovery and adventures.

For that reason, I believe people need a fresh and authentic perspective about life. I still have a vague idea how to make things work. Nevertheless, with my backpack full of experiences and lessons, I may have more insight on life than some might ever get from their whole life. I am not here to say things just to put myself above the rest. On the contrary, I know enough to get through pretty much any situation. If what I have grasped as wisdom might help out others, I will be delighted to share what I know.

I believe reaching out and helping one another can shift the world into a more optimist world with enough power to make things right.


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