For the past few days, I decided to go visit my family.

There is nothing more refreshing than leaving town and taking breakfast at the mountains’ scenery.

Even though it was quite a quick tour, and many kilometers to drive, I find it was worthwhile. It allowed me to change air, recharge my spiritual batteries, even though the road back was intense, since it was quite windy and rainy.

Anyhow, I let go my fears and decided to move forwards. By taking health pauses here and there, I managed to drive on my own. 800 km. Back and forth. The more time I spent driving, the more my trauma from the car accident disappeared.

There is a saying that goes like this: if you face up your fears, truly, they will go away. Confront them once and for all, and you will be free. I could say this journey made that point.

Enjoy the warmth weather and be safe on the road!


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