Camino in 7 Weeks!

There are very few weeks remaining to my countdown for the Camino. I still cannot believe I am almost there. Time flies by. I am still clearing off my to-do list. So far so good. Even when it seems it does not get too much forward, I know every day I try to push one more thing off the pile, or at least tackle it to make it smaller.

My training was a bit left out for the past two weeks, since I had a virus affecting me. Now that I am back to healthy, I feel more energized and thrilled to get all done before leaving. I really am pushing forward the picture of having nothing left undone and come back in an all-clean uncluttered space to start a new chapter of my life. The Camino will then be a transition stage to me. I cannot wait to make everything bright and clear. It feels refreshing. And then I will have much more time and space for my creativity to kick-start…

Life seems for some like a race. I would say we need to reread those La Fontaine’s fables. We might live a constantly evolving world where speed should be perfection. However, the more we speed, the less margin we have to draft and doodle around. Without proper time down, we are running straight ahead to our very own lost. From what I experience, I believe, even if my blogging might sometimes bring up a counter way of living, that stillness or at least going at a natural pace, e.g. walking, we are able to reassess our life as we are living our very own. I hope you find what you are aiming for… Otherwise, life might seem empty.


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