May Premises

I am now at less than 60 days from my D-day. I am still a little behind what I had planned, but time is quite relative. I am still able to make it up. Unfortunately, or maybe it is a good thing it happened to me this week, I got hit by a nasty virus. It was one that literally put me into bed. Normally, I am still able to do some things around and I mostly manage to get through my day without too much difficulty.

However, this viral infection, which seems to have attacked several people around, sipped my energy. After decontaminating all yesterday, I can say I am well on the path of recovery! I can handle my daily tasks soundly.

Now it is finally looking like Spring (or should I say Summer)… Hallelujah! Leaves on trees are on their way! I can’t wait to smell fresh air and spend an afternoon catching up some reading books in my hammock.

Time seems to get back fully with a bright sunshine… Maybe it will soon look like Camino weather and incite me on ticking off things of my to do list!


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