Finally, I believe we can say Spring is here. The temperatures are sticking over the freezing point now. And I like it. Not that I have something against winter, but this year seemed to be an endless cold season. I am always happy to see and smell the seasonal changes. They are for me little joys that enhance my happiness. My only wish now is to see some leaves on trees. I guess I have to wait some more…

The seasons give us a real insight of life. There is a cycle. But most important, great changes take time. It doesn’t happen at the lightning speed. We are actually able to fragment into small parts the big change. Just like any project we put ourselves into. First, we need to think, to brainstorm, to get a draft. Then, we see what is required to bring this project alive. It takes time, energy, resources. It takes courage, determination, motivation to pursue on until it becomes real, concrete. I believe the waiting is just as much important as the result in the end. It doesn’t really matter what will come out at the end. What is mostly crucial is how we make it up to there. Between A and B, it is most of the time in a zigzag line rather than a straight one. And life, just like my Camino preparation, is an ongoing work-in-progress.

Therefore, it is important to keep it focused, with the right mindset. The way we see things can change everything. It all depends of the lens we perceive the world. If I decide to see the beauty, then I see beauty everywhere. And when I admire beauty surrounding me, I feel great! I guess what you see is what you get a great way of wrapping up my point.


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