Happy Easter!

I wish you all Happy Easter!

Easter is more than chocolate and eggs and bunnies. It is the most important feast for us, Catholics, to commemorate the One who resurrected for all of us. Easter is more than a couple of hours; it is a couple of weeks long. We just celebrated during Holy Week and this past weekend as a community. But within us, the celebration keeps on going. We are renewed. And on we go, to reach more and bring peace wherever we go.

Although this Spring season is getting much awaited by many this year, Spring is on its way. I hear birds in the morning, and I am happy to get awake by their sweet melody. Even if the air would be chilly, I am already feeling better, more energized by the good Sun who came back in force, enlightening our days. I simply can’t wait to see leaves on trees and flowers blossoming, with this nice perfume the earth has when it gets warmer.

While we keep on waiting for Spring, let’s just focus on the essential and live as simply as we can. After all, maybe we need to get more Spring cleaning if we want to see beauty.


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