Time Flies By!

In three months from now, my Camino will really be in the move.

Right now, I am more into the preparation phase. I hope to accomplish all that is mostly important in my eyes before getting to the airport. There are still some details to be taken care of. But mostly, my decluttering should get on the 5th gear now if I ever want to be good in my time frame. I guess, not only must I take time to care of myself and preparing, but I must also schedule some time for declutter purpose.

This Summer, it will be a year now on my journey of getting minimalist. I am far from Joshua Becker style. But I am feeling closer with my true self, where my things do not own me. This is why my Camino is not only a journey in the North of Spain, but also a specific time and date where I want to remove all that is unnecessary to my life order to turn the page, begin a new chapter as a rebirth. A Renaissance! And I can’t wait to catch myself from flying.

P.S.: It is time to celebrate my First Blog Anniversary! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Time Flies By!

  1. Congratulations on your First Anniversary as a blogger, Sandra! I thought I had signed up to be a ‘follower’ , but I have not been receiving your postings. I enjoy reading them … and I’m excited for you that you are going to be a Camino pilgrim. You’ll have many experiences and thoughts to share when you return home. Happy Easter! Blessings! Barb

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