Camino Countdown

Camino preparation is going well so far. Now that the weather is more inviting to be outdoorsy, I can finally take off the winter coat and move much more easily during my daily walks. Also, the sidewalks are now free of snow and slush. Hence, it makes my walking much easier for my feet. And it showed yesterday. For the same route, I managed to walk 7 km with 20 minutes less. I was pretty happy with myself.

My itinerary is close to its final version. My daily walks are getting more intense (and/or longer). The time change probably gave me a boost to concentrate harder on my goals. So far so good. I am maintaining my projects more or less up to date.

As the days get longer, I feel I am more prompt to attack my next tasks. I feel great! After only a week of change in my new routine, I can already see improvements in my life overall. I can only imagine what it will be in about 100 days, when I am really close to head to my departure point: Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, here I come!


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