Taking Care

Over the course of last week, I have worked quite a lot, and I have received news from friends who are going through a rough patch. By the end of the week, I have felt exhausted and almost sick. I realized my body was speaking to me. The thing is that I am personally a caring person. I do feel sad when someone I know is having difficulty, and I always try to do something if I can to help.

My job is literally to have compassion for the other. At first sight, it seems to be an easy job. And it is (for me). But at the same time, it gets demanding because it takes you at the core of your energy. Hence, working a lot brings me to exhaustion because I care quite a lot. Which is not a bad thing. Only that, prior to this week, I have worked in another environment and I did not realize until it was too late that I had burned myself.

Therefore, I have put my personal care first this week, because I needed it, and I know I can only rely on myself. It might seem selfish, but if a firefighter were not safe, how could he save more lives?


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