Men Are More Sensitive Than Women

In the past few weeks, I have realized men were probably less able than women to handle hardships. At first sight, society has shown men as the reliable partner in crime to calm down their loved ones, provide and protect.

But when I take a closer look, it is women who drive. Men have just as much insecurities. They just do not very commonly show it. For most of them, they were told at a young age that it was not okay to cry, that they had to be strong and courageous and get a hold of themselves. Hence, they mostly did not get the chance to show a soft side.

However, for women, it has always been (from what I remember) accepted to show emotions and insecurities. Moreover, women have this tendency to express themselves more freely than men. Whether they have female or male friends, women do talk about their issues. It is not eating them.

Therefore, I would say men need to know that it is also good for them to talk and be expressive. Otherwise, it does eat them and they lose sight of their manhood. They do need help seeking this inner voice within themselves. Women have their own clubs, but men do not have as much resources to look for. There should be just as much help for them. Even I, a woman, believe they need it.


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