Put A Smile Unto Life!

People often think, “I wish I could hear more good stuff, out there,” or, “I cannot believe such atrocities arrive!” Personally, I believe we are linked to one another. What you do affects you and others around you, and vice versa. I know that I can get mad when I find a scratch on my new car, or I got bypassed and almost had an accident for a stupid person hitting in front of me, just because he or she couldn’t wait… for another light.

My point is not to accuse anyone, but rather reflect and put a new pair of lens on our glasses. What goes up comes down. Some people call it karma. If you do good, it comes back to you. If you do bad, it comes back to you. Whatever the way you call it, I am mostly sure you have your beliefs and/or reasons. I often hear, “if my child ever gets hurt or something, I will kill that person.” However, I do not get the point to this. If you are hurt, you can be angry. And this is fine and perfectly human. But getting on acting by rage and reacting to a bad action with a bad action, it basically gets back to “an eye for an eye”.

I remember a saying that marked me as a little girl: treat others like you want to be treated and do not do what you don’t want to be done unto you. And ever since, I am applying these principles to my life. Life might not be lived the same way for all, and not everyone gets through the same experiences. We all have our ups and downs. But the backbone to life is not what you have, but how you live with it. This is our greatness as humans to cope with sadness and sorrows, and happiness.

If we changed a pessimistic lenses for an optimistic one, we would be able to see the whole palette of the rainbow at all time. Hence, put a smile unto life and you might see positive changes coming up your way! Enjoy!


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